Your special day

The harp is a great choice for a wide range of events!

Some examples:

Mehndi party
Civil wedding ceremony
Drinks reception
To welcome guests at a venue, for example in a foyer while they filter through.
Corporate event

To be sure everyone is happy, please consider these 4 points:

Guest number / Space and Access

• I offer my solo harp music to a maximum of 200 guests, as its not practical to amplify the harp with as many speakers as you would for a band.

• I need a performance space of about 2 x 2 metres, breathing space for your guests and venue staff to circulate and an armless dining chair please.

• Positioning is also important, so think about the best place for the harp, and if you’d like me to relocate (say between a ceremony and reception), I’ll need to make time!

• Lastly, I usually manage to move the harp and gear myself, but stairs are the harpist’s nightmare.
Moving the harp up or down a staircase or steps is definitely a two-man job!
I will need to park and unload very close to the venue please, even if the car has to be moved later.


These are for guidance only and will depend upon the location, duration and the type of your event.

I’ll add travel expenses unless your event is local for me.

I will send you the booking details including how to choose your music, our contract and payment options.

£225 – e.g. Civil wedding ceremony or a Drinks reception for up to 1 hour

£300 – e.g. Buffet or a Corporate event for up to 2 hours

Please appreciate that I don’t play my instrument outside – so although an outdoor ceremony wouldn’t work for me, for your drinks reception I could sit just inside open patio doors and use my amplifier, depending on the layout of the venue.

If you choose to host your event in a marquee, its essential to ensure firm, level flooring and easy access here too – for the car as well as the harp!

Meredith was amazing at our Walima reception and all our guests were astounded by her wonderful and magical harp playing. She truly was a delight and the wedding wouldn’t have been so beautiful without her.- Hussain and Bisma, Birmingham

You looked lovely, I loved your outfit! The music was wonderful! – Asha, West Midlands

Hai Guzarish

Raat Ki Hatheli Par